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The liquid bulk cargo transshipment terminal has a capacity of 21,000 cu m, and is currently used to handle the export of a nitro chalk and urea solution and for the direct import of 3rd class and no class fire hazard loads.

Transshipment rates
Unloading of train cars 250 t/h   
Loading of tankers 12000 t/day
Unloading of tankers 2000 t/day
Loading of road vehicles and train cars 150 t/h
Technological capacity 500 thousand tons per year
Storage backlot
Three steel containers, each with a technological capacity of 7 000 m3  
Quay of Sweden
Max. ship length 200 m 
Max. draught for mean water level 10,8 m
Quay of Engineer Wenda
Max. ship length 125 m
Max. draught for mean water level 7,40 m
Mooring tariffs for tankers

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